Stream 3. Enhancing Resilience Capacity of Disaster and Climate Change


Floods, drought and landslides take place in turns in Indonesia. This hydrometeorological disaster shows an increasing trend every year. At the beginning of 2021, a large number of floods had occurred in several areas, including South Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, Aceh, DKI, Central Java (North Coast). Landslides also occurred in several places such as Bogor, Sumedang, Kebumen, and Banjarnegara. These disasters occur because the intensity of rain increases as a result of climate change. In the next few months, drought and forest and land fires are likely to occur. Mitigation of hydrometeorological disasters and climate change must always be carried out so that the impact on society can be reduced. This mitigation can be done by increasing the capacity to resist hydrometeorological disasters and climate change.


  • Discuss Enhancing resilience capacity of disaster and climate change.
  • Gap analysis of research and implementation of hydrometeorological and climate    change disaster resilience capacities.
  • Develop an action plan to follow up on the results of the conference.


  • State of the art Enhancing resilience capacity of disaster and climate change
  • Action plan for Enhancing resilience capacity of disaster and climate change
  • Compiling Cooperation to implement action plans


Parties related to handling hydrometeorological disasters and climate change include the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), Universities, Research Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Donor Agencie, policy makers, forestry practitioners from private sector, international organizations, and other stakeholders.

Theme and Subthemes

Theme: Enhancing resilience capacity of disaster and climate change

Sub themes :
  • Mitigation and adaptation of hidrometeorological disaster
  • Mitigation and adaptation of climate change disaster
  • Technology on early warning system and monitoring system of disaster
  • Handling post disaster
  • Disaster awareness regulation and culture

Exibition and Study Visit

Nglegi village, Patuk sub regency, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province

Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Edward Game, Lead Scientist from The Nature Conservancy, Australia

IOP proceedings publishings series

Some qualified papers will also be published in the IOP Conference Series publication – indexed by Scopus. The author who wishes their papers to be published in the IOP Proceedings publication series are subject to these following publication policy:

  • Additional cost IDR 1.500.000,-/paper.
  •  Review of papers published in the IOP Conference Series titles is undertaken through processes administered by the organizers and proceedings editors


 The official language of the conference is English. The paper must be submitted and presented in English

Structure, Time & Registration

The conference will be convened on 7-8 September 2021, at Manggala Wanabhakti Building, Jakarta Indonesia and Forestry and Environment Research, Development and Innovation Agency (FORDA) Campus, Bogor, Indonesia, also FORDA sites office in provinces.

The conference would be convened on combination   virtual and real room events. The virtual   platform would be broadcasted from FORDA Jakarta Office. The conference would be running at 3 pathways: 1) discussion at plenary and also parallel session 2) exhibition and virtual tours, and 3) photo/video competition.

Registration to join these conference should only be made online through Please save the registration number to claim the seminar kits and handbook.

Important Date

Abstract Submission             :  February – 25 April 2021

Author 1st Notification          : 10 May 2021

Full Paper Submission          : 11 May  – 25 June 2021

Author 2nd Notification        : 31 July 2021

RevisiFull Paper Submission  : 1 August – 15 August 2021

Author 3rd Notification       : 16 August 2021

Regster participant               : 27 August 2021

Conference Dates                   : 7-8 September 2021

Virtual Tours

On stream 3 will present a virtual tour to Nglegi village, Patuk sub regency, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Province. These area describes the condition of the community that has been able to adapt to disasters


Wednesday, 8 September 2021

08.30 – 09.00 WIB


09.00 – 09.30 WIB

Pembukaan oleh MC (Doa dan sambutan Kabalai)

MC: Dr. Nining W

Doa: Eko P

09.30 – 10.30 WIB

Keynote remarks (Prof. Edge Game)

Moderator Dr. Mizan Bisri)

10.30 – 15.00 WIB

Room 1:

Moderator : Dr. Nining W

Sub tema: Mitigation and Adaptation of Hidrometeorological disaster  dan Technology on Early Warning System and Monitoring System of Disaster

Room 2.

Moderator: Nunung N, PhD

Sub Tema : Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change Disaster

Room 3

Moderator: Dr. Lukas

Sub Tema : Disaster Awareness Regulation and Culture

10.30–10.50 WIB

10.50–11.10 WIB

Invited 1 (Nature base solutions for Integrated flood and land subsidence: case study in Jakarta and Semarang Oleh Prof Irfan B. Pramono)

Invited 2 (Dr. Donaldi “Evaluation of different WRF microphysics schemes: heavy rainfall-induced landslide over Kulonprogo case study” oleh Dr. Donaldi S. Permana)

Invited (Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate Change Disaster Oleh Dr. I. Wayan S. Dharmawan)

Invited 1 ( Dr. retno)

11.10 – 12.00 WIB




Short Film

12.00 – 13.00 WIB

Lunch break

13.00–13.15 WIB

13.15–13.30 WIB

13.30–13.45 WIB

13.45–14.00 WIB

14.00–14.15 WIB

Naskah 1 Rainfall Variability Based on Climate Hazards Group Infrared Precipitation with Station Data (CHIRPS) in Lesti Watershed, Java Island, Indonesia”  Oleh Diah Aulia

Naskah 2 Flood Prone Analysis by using GIS and Remote Sensing Data Studi Case: Semarang, Central Java “Oleh Yosian Berkat

Naskah 3 Water Balance of Various Peatland Typologies in Central Kalimantan” Oleh Rahardyan et al

Naskah 4 “Exploring the potential of soil moisture maps using Sentinel Imagery as a Proxy for groundwater levels in peat” Oleh Wahyu C. A

Naskah 5. “Steps towards the development of a Peat Fire Danger Rating System in Indonesia”

 Oleh LLb. Graham

Naskah 1 Mangrove deforestation and CO2 emissions in Indonesia” oleh Virni Budi”

Naskah 2 Vulnerability assessment of water resources to climate variability in Noelmina Watershed, Timor Island, Indonesia” Oeh E. Pujiono

Naskah 3 “Study of ENSO impact on agricultural food crops price as basic knowledge to improve community resilience in climate change” Oleh Leo Rio

Naskah 1 “effectivenessof soil and water conservation structures in increasing community perception and participation and controlling erosion and sedimentation: A case study in South Sulawesi” Oleh Hunggul YSH

Naskah 2 “Potential impacts of dam construction on environment, social and economy based on community perceptions” Oleh Tri Sayektiningsih

Naskah 3 “Persons with disabilities involvement in disaster risk management” oleh Endro Winarno

Naskah 4. “The Local Knowledge To Mitigate The Landslide Disaster in Beruk Village, Jatiyoso Sub-District, Karanganyar Regency” Oleh S. Andy Cahyono

14.15 – 15.00 WIB





Short Film

15.00 WIB

Closing Plenary (Close by MC or Moderator)

Contact Person

Mrs. Salamah Retnowati (081329341499)

The Watershed Management Technology Center (WMTC)

Jl. Jend. A.Yani-Pabelan, Kartasura, E-mail:

Mrs Diny Darmasih, S. Hut., ME (081236566767)

Centre for Research and Development on Social, Economy, Policy and  Climate Change

Jl. Gunung Batu No. 5 Bogor 16118, Jawa Barat-Indonesia