Topic INAFOR 2021

The topic “Greener Future: Forests, Environment, and People” will divide to the sub topics and each topic is going to managed by each center as Coordinator and responsible to conduct detailing of relevant sub topics, such as:

(Plenary Session)

Opening Ceremony: Welcome and Keynote Remarks

Stream 1. Recalling environmental practices for better living

This stream would be discussing how to achieve friendly/environmental practice, zero waste, comfort living;  encompass: eco-design, environmental impact, environmental pollution, waste and disposal, litter, circular economy, re-use, reduce, hazardous materials, recycling, disposal, environment restoration from chemical impacts and others, reclamation, reference laboratory, environment emergency responses.

Stream 2. Conserving biodiversity, managing ecology and its carrying capacity

How to achieve sustainable biodiversity and better ecosystem. The potential topics are conservation and preservation, sustainable tropical biodiversity, managing integrated landscape based, peat management unit-PMU based, and watershed unit based, wetlands, drylands, city forests, carrying capacity, rehabilitation, revegetation, reforestation in term of tackling damage lands,   also forest & environmental services.

Stream 3. Enhancing added values from forests commodity

The stream will discuss how to add economic values also other benefit values for forest commodity/products, which are timber and non-timber forest, processing, preservation, packaging, shipping, and trading

Stream 4. Mitigating hydro-meteorological & climate change disasters

Discussing to attempt how to quick response, realtime monitor and alarming, adaptation, recovery ecosystem and landscape. The topics may would be: sensor system, develop realtime monitor, handling post disaster, rehabilitation & restoration in term of disaster, adaptation with disaster, either hydro-meteorological or climate change disasters

Stream 5. Social forestry, valuing forest resources, supporting economics

Talking to meet how to valuing economically of forests, also community welfare from forests manifested. The topics are village forest, community forest, customary forest, partnership forest, gender participation, enhancing forest community welfare and the opportunities. The crucial topics also valuing economics from forest resources.

These topics only a supplement for this meeting and each research centers can establish their topics based on their research excellent and experiences and experts.  The committee of INAFOR 2021 has a task to invite researchers who have interest to this conference in nationally and internationally by call for papers.